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Ticket Counts Pro: Step 3 - Create Shows
Ticket Counts Pro: Step 3 - Create Shows

Create and set up one or multiple shows on a tour.

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Creating a Show

Start by selecting the artist name, tour name and date of the show. 

Find the location using our venue look up and add the venue capacity. 

  • Onsale Date is when the venue will start selling tickets

  • Reachout Date is when you will start sending email requesting counts

Add the email of the person responsible of issuing the ticket counts on the buyer side. Then select the collection method.

  • Email The Contact: Will email the contact requesting to add the counts.

  • Auto Report: If the promoter has automated reports from a ticketing company, you will receive those emails as PDFs. Once you receive the email, you must enter the counts manually in 'Add Counts.'

  • Not Collecting: If the event is not on sale yet or is not selling advanced tickets.

Select the count details 

  • Holds: On hold tickets for future release

  • Comps: Complimentary tickets granted

  • Opens: Total tickets available

  • GBOR: Gross amount of Box Office Receipts

Share the event with a 'Team.'

To add multiple ticket tiers, go to Edit Shows, and click 'Empty' in the Tiers section

Adding Multiple Shows

To add multiple shows at once, download the CSV file at the bottom of the "Create Show" page, complete it, and send it to

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