Using the 'Automate' tab in the left menu, click 'Shows' and you will see the list of all of your available shows on the tour. You can customize the collection on each one of them by selecting the collection method.

You can add multiple people by adding their email separated by commas.

Add internal notes about this show and also expedite an count request email to any of the buyers. 

If the show is already sold out, simply check the box to stop the automated collection


These settings allow you to send follow up emails to delinquent promoter. The time used in the follow up field, will notify promoters who did not enter counts from the morning time. 

Note: Ticket counts emails are sent at 8am in the venues local timezone, on any day that is setup for collection.
If the collection schedule is altered, it will only take affect at the next 8am in each venues localtime zone (eg, if you add Weds to the collection schedule at 12pm on Weds, it won’t really collect anything for Weds until the next week).
The follow up mechanism can be used to send a late-in-the-day email if you want, but it will have “Followup” type text in the template.

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