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Ticket Counts Pro: Getting Started
Ticket Counts Pro: Getting Started

Introduction to Ticket Counts Pro!

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Welcome to Ticket Counts Pro! 

It shouldn’t take countless man-hours for your booking business to get the ticket numbers it needs. Automate ticket collections, create agency branded market pace reports and view robust sales analytic data with the touch of a button.

Automated Collection

Tired of calling out to venues and box office day after day to get updated sales numbers you need? Gigwell Ticket Counts Pro enables your team to automate the ticket counts collection process.

Simply create a new tour, plug in the venue/ box office contact, set a collection schedule - and let our automated system do the rest! Collected data will automatically show up in your reports and we can even email you a list of delinquent counts.

Show Forecasting

Ticket Counts Pro will help you predict sales for upcoming shows. Show Forecasts enables agents to make better-informed decisions about where to allocate both current and future promotional efforts for their clients’ shows.

Our predictive algorithm analyzes the sales histories of thousands of shows to predict where sales will ultimately end up for each show. We visualize these predictions on our Artist Dashboard via a three-tiered star system:

Full star: A show will likely come close to selling out.
Half star: A show will likely sell between 50% and 80%
No star: A show will likely sell less than half the house.

Robust Reporting

Ticket Counts Pro was built from the ground up to help you visualize show performance. Our system provides all the graphs, tables, and reports you could ever need so you can get an immediate sense of trends in ticket count sales. No more staring at numbers in a spreadsheet that are difficult to decipher!

All of these reports are completely agency branded and able to be exported. Instantly transforming your ticket collection from an agency-wide headache into a powerful asset, enabling your team to make revenue-maximizing decisions for artists.

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