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Choose which payment methods or instructions to use on each invoice. Connect multiple bank or PayPal accounts.

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Payment Settings let you choose which online payment methods to make available to your customers.  If you accept payments outside of Gigwell, you can add specific instructions into each of the Payment Settings that are appropriate for specific invoices.  Payment Settings also let you choose which Stripe or PayPal account to route the payments into.

Get started by verifying the Default payment settings are correct.   New invoices will use the Default payment settings unless you select a different setting while creating the invoices.

Creating Multiple Settings

To create a new setting, go to the Payment Settings tab.  Here, you can either select Add Payment Settings to create a new, empty payment settings entry, or you can open an existing entry and select Copy.

If you don't want to connect Stripe or PayPal for a specific setting, select 'Don't link' for each of the providers.

After activating some of the extended payment methods available in your country on, you can enable the payment method in the list on the left.  Gigwell will only allow you to enable the methods that are supported in the countries of the selected Stripe and PayPal accounts.

For an extended payment method to work correctly, you must enable it on your Stripe Dashboard.

Drag the payment methods up and down to change the order presented to your buyer on the payment portal. 

For example, if you prefer to accept Bank Transfers and PayPal, but not Credit Cards your settings would look like this. 

Learn more about your Preferred Payment Methods.

Connecting Different Bank Accounts

After you create and connect multiple bank and/or PayPal accounts, you can create settings based on the options available to that account.

After creating a new Payment Settings entry, choose the Stripe and/or PayPal account to route payments into on the right.  

Connecting Artist Accounts

You can create settings per artist and add manual instructions or have them create a Stripe and/or PayPal account so you can connect it to Gigwell. To connect an artist Stripe or PayPal account, please contact us at 

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