The effectiveness of your Ticket Counts campaigns comes down to how effectively you communicate this change in process to your clients. 

Find below an example of an effective rollout email that we’ve written for you. Feel free to use it as is or modify it as you see fit.


Dear {{First Name}},

In an effort to streamline our ticket-counts collection process for both our clients and ourselves, {{Agency Name}} has started using a software solution called Gigwell Ticket Counts Pro to automate our ticket-count collections. 

In the coming days, your team will start to receive automated emails from Gigwell's service on a {{daily/weekly}} basis requesting ticket counts for upcoming shows. You will be able to provide counts by simply clicking on the "Update Counts" button in the {{daily/weekly}} email and entering the current information for each requested show. I've included an example of a collection email below.

Once counts are submitted, they will automatically update on our end, and no further action is necessary! We hope that this new process will be faster and more convenient, and ultimately, be less disruptive to your staff's daily work. If you would prefer to send us daily automated emails, please continue to forward them to {{ticketcounts email address}}, and a member of our staff will update the counts manually. 

Please don't hesitate to forward this email along to your staff to inform them about this upcoming change, and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!


{{Agent Name}}
{{Agency Name}} 

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