You can quickly filter to a single, specific status by clicking a state on the Sales Pipeline.

Request - Bookings that have been requested through a booking form or profile, which have not had a contract, or invoice created. 

Terms - Bookings that have been created on the dashboard by an Agent, which have not had a contract, or invoice created. 

Contracts - Bookings with a signature request outstanding. This stage has two sub-statuses: Draft and Out For Signature.

Deposits - Bookings which have a Created or Billed Invoice marked as a Deposit.

Advancing - Bookings which have been marked "Itinerary is Required", but have not been marked "Itinerary is Complete".  Bookings with Ticket Scaling that have not been marked "Ticket Scaling Actuals are Final"

Payments - Bookings which have a Created or Billed Invoice not marked as a Deposit. This stage includes the sub-status, Settlements

Scheduled - Bookings that are none of the above, and still have an upcoming Event scheduled.

Other Statuses

Draft - Contract draft has been created, but hasn't been issued. This stage allows you to review the final contract draft and make any revisions if needed. 

Out for Signature - Contract terms have been finalized and contract has been issued for signatures. This state will remain until the contract is fully executed by the signer and counter signer (if any).

Open - This status includes all booking states, except Closed.

Closed - Cancelled or Terminated Bookings.

Complete - Bookings that do not have any outstanding invoices, contract, or itinerary items, where all events are in the past.

Settlements - This status will show up once you receive the total amount of the booking so you can settle with the artist(s) and/or agent(s).

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