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Ticket Tier Bonus

How to add a ticket tier bonus to the contract and create an invoice for the bonus

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To add a ticket tier bonus to your booking, click the "Add Additional Bonus" in the Terms tab. 

Once you select "Ticket Tier (Tickets Sold)" select the type of bonus: Incremental or Highest Value.

Incremental bonuses will allow you to increase the value for each threshold. For instance, an incremental bonus would be $100 at 100 tickets, AND $100 at 200 tickets, AND $100 at 300 tickets sold. The total bonus amount if attendance reaches 300, would be $300.

The highest value bonus will allow you to only select one amount if the bonus is reached. For instance, $100 at 100 tickets OR $200 at 200 tickets OR $300 at 300 tickets sold.

Once you collect the final ticket count (Actuals), turn on "Ticket Scaling Actuals are Final Finals" and that will allow you to invoice the bonus reached. 

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