Sort your dashboard and make it easier to find your gigs. View your gigs by date range, past due, last updated, event date and more. You can also use the search bar to find gigs by artist, promoter, agent, venue, or location. 

We've added a set of filter presets on your account. Use the filter selector to quickly switch focus.  Add, remove, or change any of the preset filters to fit your workflow.  Share with us what you think our presets should be!

Day To Day
This should be your primary filter, focusing on day to day activities as an agent.
Our default filter includes bookings that happened last week and all future bookings, sorted by event date. It also includes any bookings with recent activity.

Past Due
This filter shows bookings with past due payments or signatures.

Recently Updated
Shows bookings updated in the last week.

All Bookings
Shows all bookings, sorted by updated date.  Save variants of this with Artists, or Buyers to hone in on specific people.

My Bookings
This filter will show you only bookings on which you are assigned, sorted by event date.   Save variants of this to hone in on upcoming events, or events in the past.

Creating New Filters

You can create new filters or overwrite existing ones.  Simply change the criteria in the Filter Details and click Save Filter, or open the Manage Filters dialogue to edit several at the same time.  

Filters can be simply about date range and status, or specific to artists, buyers, agents, signers, venues or more.

Remember to click Save Filter if you find a filter set that works for you.

In the Save Filter dialog give your filter a unique name, or select an existing filter to update it.

Private Filters
Select your account when creating a new filter to not share it with anyone. 

Shared Filters
When creating or updating a filter of an organization, all members will have access to it and receive updates.

Manage Filters
Add, delete or rearrange filter presets. Look for the info icon to show a quick overview of that preset.  In the Manage Filters dialog you can update several filters as once.  Remember to test your changes!

Restoring your Filters
To restore your filters to our default setting, click the reset icon on your account or an organizations set.

Calendar Stream Filters

Instead of archiving cancelled shows, you can use the Calendar Stream Filters to show only active events.  This setting is saved to your account automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can I see older bookings and/or archived gigs? 

The Day to Day filter will include older bookings if they have recent activity, like a late payment, a payment dispute, an email response, etc.  

Older shows will naturally disappear from your Day to Day view if they are before last week.

You can change how many days back to include by adjusting the "events between" and/or the "last updated within ___"  options.

Where is the Past Due button?

The past due button has been replaced with a Past Due filter.  You can now change and create your variations of the Past Due filter, focusing on a particular status, or even a particular Artist.

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