Creating Invoices

Learn how to create invoices from 'presets' or 'other'

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Default Invoice

The default payment plan is 50% deposit and 50% balance due on site, however, this can be updated at any time. Click Create invoices and it will create the toe invoice drafts. 

To change your invoice payment plan, click Load Payment Plan and select from the list.  

Invoice with full amount (100%)

To create an invoice for the full amount, click 'Create Other' then 'Request all outstanding' in the top left.

Invoice with Any Amount

To create invoices with a specific percentage click 'Create Other' and add the percentage or amount in the "To Bill" Column. At the bottom left you will see the amount to invoice for.

If you are creating a deposit invoice, make sure to mark "Is Deposit".  Any invoices marked 'Is Deposit' will be in the Deposit stage on your sales pipeline.

After creating the 'Deposit' invoice you can create the 'Balance' invoice by clicking 'Collect on site.' You can also add a message to the artist that they need to collect the amount.

If you need to replace the invoice template, click Edit and change the invoice template on the top right. 

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