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Block or Hold a Date
Block or Hold a Date

Learn how to add a hold or block a date on the artist's calendar

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Adding a Hold Status From your Gigwell Calendar

The first step is to add a "hold" status. To do this, you need to hover the "+" icon inside the desired date and select "Hold" from the drop-down menu.

Creating Statuses

In addition to the existing status options, you can also create any type of status and save it to the list. This is helpful for keeping track of multiple scenarios such as holidays, studio time, medical dates, and other events.

After creating a status, it can be added to any date by hovering the same "+" icon and selecting from the list.

Managing Statuses

To add, edit or delete a status, simply click on the cog wheel icon to add a new entry, adjust the name, or color, or delete the status completely.

From your Gigwell Dashboard

You can create a 'manual' date from the event stream icon.

Once the date is added, change the status to blocked and select a reason from the dropdown.

Once you are ready to create a booking, click Upgrade to start the process on your Dashboard.

From Google Calendar

If you have Google Calendar enabled for the artist, you can add it directly there.

Holds or blocks in Google Calendar will create a warning message in Gigwell if you try to create a booking for the same date.

Manage Your Blocked Reasons Visibility

Hide calendar events from artists based on the blocked reason.

Holds are now hidden from artists by default, but you can adjust them if you prefer collaboration!

To configure it go to Settings > Invoice, Offer and Payments > Blocked Reasons

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