Gigwell has partnered with world's leading tour announcement platform Bandsintown! You can now instantly announce all of your confirmed shows booked in Gigwell to millions of fans around the world. 

If your artist has a Bandsintown profile, all of their confirmed and announced gigs on Gigwell will automatically publish to their Bandsintown stream.

You can control publishing to Bandsintown from the booking or by updating your agency settings. Toggling the agency setting On will automatically publish all confirmed and Announced events to Bandsintown. Toggling this setting Off, however, will not un-publish events that have already been published.

Bandsintown extracts our events once a day, and publishing will take roughly 24 hours to reflect on the artist's Bandsintown stream.

Make sure the artist's name on your Gigwell contacts matches the artist's name on their Bandsintown profile.

I don't get it, how is this different then my current Bandsintown integration?
We used to write information from Bandsintown to your artist gig feeds. Now, we actually publish to Bandsintown and they ingest our confirmed gig feed into theirs. Saving you lots of time. 

As you can imagine, it’s now more important than ever to make sure your gigs have complete city, venue, and current ticket links updated so that we can pass complete information to Bandsintown. This is the best way to ensure your gig listings make it into the bandsintown announcements, and your fans will have the necessary info to attend your shows!

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