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Add your Agency Logo to your Documents
Add your Agency Logo to your Documents

This article will help you add your agency logo to your document templates.

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Our standard templates use a variable to populate your agency logo at the top of the documents. The logo must be added to the Agency Settings > Basic Info > Agency Logo for Documents and Templates.

To ensure a high-quality logo, make sure to follow the image size requirements using a custom banner of 200 pixels tall and 800 pixels wide.

Alternatively, you can add your logo as an inserted image to your document templates. To do this, navigate to your Agency Settings > Documents & Templates field > (Contracts, Itineraries, Payments) where you can access and edit your documents and templates

Once you open a template, replace the variable ${agencyProfile.bannerImageUrl} by inserting an image from your computer.

If you need further assistance with templates, don't hesitate to contact support via Chat at the bottom of your screen or e-mail

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