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Over-Invoiced Items and Adjustments
Over-Invoiced Items and Adjustments

How to resolve over-invoiced items.

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When Does This Apply

It's possible to create invoices for a booking, but later find that some fee needs to be reduced. There are a few situations in which this might happen: the guarantee is reduced, one of the artist cancels, or maybe you create separate invoices for your booking fee and the artist fees, and your booking fee needs to be adjusted after being invoiced. In these situations, you should first make the appropriate changes on the Terms tab.

Making an Adjustment

If something has been over-invoiced, you'll see a warning on the Invoices tab.

The recommended path forward is to

  1. Delete and/or Void any outstanding (unpaid) invoices

  2. Create suggested invoices from the Payment Plan

The Payment Plan will suggest the proper invoice to create for your situation. If you simply need to create new invoices with correct amounts, the Payment Plan will suggest those. If a refund for a $100 needs to be issued or if money needs to be adjusted between Artist A and Artist B, the Payment Plan will suggest that as well.

Manually Adjusting Existing Invoices (Advanced)

If you don't want to delete/void outstanding invoices, you can Edit the amounts on the invoices that the over-invoiced items are on. The over-invoiced items warning displays which items are over-invoiced and how much of the item is billed on which invoices. 

You can now go to these invoices, click Edit

and adjust the amounts on the Items tab. 

Let's say that in this case you wanted to adjust the $425 deposit down to $212.50. 

  1. Find the item you're adjusting (in this case, Artist Fee for DJ Voltron)

2. Edit its amount down to $212.50 and Save the invoice

3. A new invoice draft with the new amount will be available. Click Resend to send the new invoice to the payer.

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