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How to use and filter your analytics panel

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The Gigwell Analytics Suite provides significant value to agency owners and anyone focused on efficiency. We created these tools to provide a detailed view into agency operations and track the metrics that matter to agencies.

Our search capabilities allow precise filtering and deeper analytics to narrow down exactly what you are looking for. Agents will also have access to their own personal analytics to better understand how they are tracking.

Top-level Numbers

  • Total Potential: Total amount including any type of potential bonuses/walkouts. For instance, a $1000 Guarantee + 90% of the Door booking will include the $1000 guarantee, plus the walkout potential based on ticket estimates.

  • Total Actuals: Total actuals are Guarantees plus ticket actuals (finals collected)

  • Paid: Paid or recorded invoices

  • Billed: Issued or Billed invoices

  • Unbilled: Draft invoices or uncreated

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