When you create a contact you must distinguish if they are a person or an organization.

To Create a New Contact

  1. Goto Contacts in your navigation bar

  2. Click Add Contact

  3. Choose if your contact is a Person or Organization (for more details on roles in Gigwell visit this article)

  4. At the bottom of the form you can add your new contact to an existing Group or start typing to create a new Group

  5. Use the Memberships field to link this contact to another contact (for example: Sean Combs would be linked to the artist / organization Puff Daddy) 

To Add or Edit Groups

  1. Click (+) in the left hand Groups column to add a new Group

  2. To edit a group Click the Pencil icon in the left hand Groups column

Note: Make sure you click Save at the bottom of the page after making any changes.

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