This tutorial is only for Mac users.

To sync your Mac Mail address book with your Gmail contacts begin by opening your Address Book. 

1. Open Contacts (Applications > Contacts).
2. Once the application is open, select Preferences in the top menu bar under Contacts
3. Click the Accounts tab and then click on the (+) at the bottom of the account list.

4. On the account types screen select Other contacts account… and click Continue.

NOTE: If you select Google from this list, it will automatically attempt to set up email and other items. If you’re only trying to sync Google contacts, click Other contacts account... and follow the steps below.

5. Enter the following into the account information window that appears:

  • Account type: CardDAV

  • User Name: Your full Google email address

  • Password: Your Google Password (Note: If you have 2-step verification set for your account, you will generate and enter that password here.)

  • Server address:

Click Create when you’re done.

Now your Google contacts will start to sync to your Mac.

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