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Wire Transfers, currency and tax questions.

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Does Gigwell support wire transfers?
Gigwell supports ACH (Automated Clearing House) bank transfers between US bank accounts. If wire transfers are your preferred method of payment, you can still manually record your payments. Click here for more details on your manual payment instructions. 

How long does it take to verify a payment?
For PayPal and credit cards, verification will happen instantly.
With ACH bank transfers is instant with 'Instant Verification' or it can take between 3-5 business days with micro-deposit verification. If it's your first time using ACH, you will be prompted to verify your account using micro transactions. This could take an additional 3-5 days to verify your account.

Can I set a preferred currency for my agency?

Yes. To configure a preferred currency for your agency visit your Agency Settings and scroll to the bottom of the Basic Info tab. 

How does the Foreign Exchange Rate Calculator work?
To activate the Foreign Exchange Rate Calculator click the bank icon in the payment screen. The FX module lets you compare two currency exchange rates over a one year period.

Does Gigwell validate VAT Tax IDs?
We currently validate VAT (value added tax) IDs in real time against the EC (european commission) database. Gigwell validates the buyer’s VAT as well as the agency's VAT before any contracts are sent.

I entered the customer’s VAT number, but it was not recognized.
Make sure you validate the customer’s international VAT number instead of their domestic, meaning no country prefix before the ID number. Some member states observe different syntax for their VAT IDs. Visit this page for more on VAT numbers and tax IDs.

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