What is HelloSign?
Gigwell uses HelloSign to easily manage electronic document signing for contracts and riders.

Do I have to upgrade to a paid account?
No. We cover all of the HelloSign fees

I received a page that says "Sorry, this link is no longer valid."

It sounds like you were trying to click on an expired signature link. This happens when you open a signature request and view the document on one device, browser or IP address, but do not complete the request on that same device, browser or IP address. When you try to re-access the link again from another device, you would receive a message saying the link is no longer valid:

To resolve this, simply click on the button to "request a new link" and make sure you both view and complete signing the signature request on the same device, IP address or browser.

How do I change the email address on my HelloSign account? 

1. Login to your HelloSign account and click on your email address in the upper right corner.

2. Select the "Settings" option.
3. Click on Profile.
4. Then click Change Email Address

How can I manage email notifications?
You can control which e-mails you receive from HelloSign by clicking on your email on the right side of the page, then selecting Settings. Then, scroll all the way down till you see Notifications.

Here, you can un-tick the sorts of e-mails you do not wish to receive. Then, click "Save Preferences" at the bottom and you're all set.

How secure is HelloSign?

Security is what we're all about! All documents are behind a firewall and authenticated against the sender's session every time a request for that document is made. The entire HelloSign site is https. All communications use SSL encryption and all data is stored in a SAS-70 certified data center.

If you’re concerned about the documents, you can delete the document inside of the HelloSign interface; it then gets deleted from our system.

To learn more, please take a look at HelloSign's Security Page, as well as their Privacy Page.

Is HelloSign legally binding?
HelloSign offers e-signatures which are legally binding in accordance with several laws. More on the legality of our service can be found on HelloSign's Legal Page.

In addition, HelloSign provides an audit trail with each signature request which is your proof that the person you sent the document to is who they say they are. The audit trail will include a time-stamp and IP address every time the document is viewed and signed for each party.

What is an audit trail?
HelloSign creates a comprehensive transaction trail between signing parties. To provide you with a transaction history, HelloSign tracks and timestamps various information from the moment the document is submitted for signature to when it is completely signed and secured, such as IP address and UserAgent information. 

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