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How to refund a Stripe payment
How to refund a Stripe payment
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To refund your client, you have to log in to your Stripe account. You can then look up the charge in your Stripe dashboard and issue a partial or full refund. Depending on your customer's bank, they will see the refund show up between 5 to 10 business days after you have processed their refund from your Stripe dashboard.

Go to, then click on the Payments tab in your Stripe Dashboard and click on the payment you would like to refund:

Click on the Refund Payment button at the top right corner:

You can either process a Full refund, or a Partial refund for the client. Refunds usually take 5 to 10 business days to appear on their statement:

You can issue a refund at any time up to 90 days after the charge.  After 90 days, it becomes more likely that certain circumstances may cause a refund to fail - for example if the client's card has expired.

Here's more info on Stripe's refunds

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