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Artist Profile Settings and Customization
Artist Profile Settings and Customization

Check out our recent updates on artist profiles. These include new social media icons, header customization, Reach metric, tags, and more

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Our latest release includes profile updates to support a wide variety of artists and creators including speakers, influencers, comedians, and more.

Header Presets

Profile headers are now fully customizable with renaming features, new icons, and additional content. These headers can be set as default to all profiles across the roster or you can customize each profile individually with different settings.

To default settings for a new artist on the roster go to Settings > Embed > Profile Embed Settings.

To customize the headers, click the dropdown on any of the header options. You will see a gear icon where you can manage the list, rename headers, enable or hide them, apply a new icon, and create new custom headers. These custom headers can be used for artist criteria like height, eye color, territories, etc.

These headers can also be edited directly on each artist profile under the "Details" section.

You can select up to three header elements to display on the header image using the preset list (Genres, Labels, etc). You have the option to show or hide the icon or label on the header elements for a simpler look.

Social Media Icons and Links

We've added new social media icons with some of the most popular social media channels including TikTok, Patreon, Douyin, Twitch, Toutiao, and many more.

Note: Instagram is temporarily disabled due to an issue with the API Provider. We’re working with our vendor to get it resolved as soon as possible.

You can also add multiple icons of the same social media if you need to display multiple channels or pages.

Reach Metric

We now have a "Reach" metric as a header that uses the aggregate followers/links of selected social media channels to display the artist audience reach. You can also edit the Reach and manually to display a different number than the aggregate.

Links on Artist Description/Bio

You can now hyperlink text on artist bios using simple HTML:

<a href="url">link text</a>


You can now manage the roster tags on each artist profile settings tab in addition to the Roster Management tab. This will allow you to save time and easily tag the artist while you add content to the profile.

Learn more about how to segment your roster using tags.

Embed Google Videos

You can now embed Google Videos as long they are publicly shared.

Booking Form and Event Dates Settings

Through the Profile Embed Settings tab, you can default a Booking Form configuration and Event Date Newly for a new artist. They will use these settings until their profile is updated.

If you need to adjust these settings per artist, you can access each profile individually and set its own configuration. For instance, you can have a short version of the booking form and display upcoming and past events on the Artist X profile and use the standard form version and not show the Event Dates on the Artist Y profile.

This will allow you to fully customize each artist profile as you wish.

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