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Segmenting your Roster Using Tags
Segmenting your Roster Using Tags

Create multiple roster/artist groups or genres to embed on your website. Split the roster by genre, locations, etc

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You can segment your roster in multiple genres/groups. 

  1. Go to your Settings > Roster 

2. Open artist tab and add a Tag (eg. DJs, Bands, Quartets, etc)

3. When you go to the Embed area to grab the Roster code, you must add the tag on top. The code will only surface the artists with that specific tag. 

Enabling Tags

To enable the tags on your roster go to Settings > Embed > Roster > Turn on "Tags."

Enabled: This will enable the tags at the top of the Roster page

Show Counts: Will show the count of how many artists are in that category

Allow Multiselect: You'll be able to select multiple tags at the same time


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