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Invite Artists to Google Calendar and Join Gigwell
Invite Artists to Google Calendar and Join Gigwell
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For each artist you can either connect an existing Google Calendar or create a new one. 

Connecting an Existing Shared Calendar

To connect an existing Google Calendar, make sure the email connected to the agency has full access to the calendar (make changes AND manage sharing). 

Click the drop down to the right of the artist's name to select the calendar.

Creating a new Google Calendar for an artist.

To create a new calendar, click "Artist Calendar is Disabled" and click "save" at the bottom of the page.

Inviting Artists

To invite an artist to a shared calendar, go to Account Settings > Roster.

Add a member to an artist organization

Scroll to the bottom of the page an turn on "Send New Artist Members invitations to join Gigwell." This will send the member an email to create a Gigwell account and also share the Google Calendar with them. 

When the artist clicks the Gigwell invite they will have the option of connecting a personal calendar for the agent to see conflicting events. If the artist doesn’t have a Google account, it will ask them to create a new one or they can simply access Gigwell’s mobile web-app to see upcoming events and itineraries. 

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