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How to add new agent accounts
How to add new agent accounts

Adding new agents or assistants to your account.

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All users (Agents, Assistants, etc) that will be managing bookings (i.e. Sending contracts, recording payments, exporting reports, advancing, etc) are considered paid users. To add or remove users go to Account Settings > Manage Subscription > Agents. Click "Add Agent or Assistant" to add new users. If your plan does not allow new users, it will prompt you to add new user for an additional, prorated amount. 

To deactivate a user, click the blue check next to their role. 

You can change the role of a user at any time. The roles are: 

"Agent, Owner" - This role can do anything 'Agent' role can do and has full visibility into financials and analytics across the agency. Can also connect third party integrations (Stripe, Google, etc).

"Agent" - This role has access to their own analytics. Can create and manage bookings, logistics and advancing. 

"Assistant" - This role has access the same access as the Agent, however, they are non-commissioned users. You won't be able to split the booking fee with these users.

If you don't see this tab on your agency settings, send a message to or use Gigwell's messaging widget.

Please provide new user full name, email and role.

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