There are multiple artist roles and permissions for different purposes. All these views are customizable to fit the agency and artist's needs.

Artist Owner

This role is the top artist permission and includes the full booking details including fees, event details, contracts, payments, etc. This role can download any type of document you give them access to. Documents can include financial or non-financial documents. Agency commission is not visible by default but can be enabled. Read-Write access to agent messages and has access to all contacts within the booking.

Artist Management

This role is the same permission level as Artist Owner. This role is to differentiate between artist lead member and management (Tour Manager, Business Manager, etc).

Artist Owner and Management Example View:

Artist Member

This role includes all Artist Owner fields, without financial details or an option to download contracts. This role can download non-financial itineraries, deal cards, and attachments if enabled. Can only see the Production contact by default, but more booking contacts can be added through the Summary View builder.

Artist Member Example View:

Artist Associate

This is the lightest version of the roles. Suitable for ad-hoc band, external, or occasional members to visualize basic event details. Can only see bookings they are directly assigned to. Can download non-financial itinerary and deal card and are not included in the booking conversation. Must be selected for each booking.

Artist Affiliate

This role is similar to Artist Associate displaying basic event details. Suitable for Publicists, Marketing, Labels, or external teams to visualize basic event details. Can't download any documents and are not included in the booking conversation, and cannot be added to any bookings, or allocated any monies.

Artist Associate and Affiliate Example View:

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