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Google Calendar Event Options

This article will help you navigate the Calendar & Events - Event Publishing - Google Calendar Event Options menu.

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The Google Calendar Event Options control how events are written to Google Calendars.

All Day Events - controls whether bookings are added as all-day events or time-slotted (Door Time) into Google Calendar.

Include Artist Notes - Artist Notes section from the Events tab > Notes will be included if enabled.

Include Link To Signed Contract - controls whether a link to the fully executed contract will be added or not.

*Note: If this setting is on, anyone with access to the calendar will see financial info included on the contract.

Include Buyer Contract Info - this setting will include the Buyer's name, phone number, and e-mail address.

Colorize Calendar Entries - controls the colors of the Google Calendar events. Yellow for Tentative, Green for Confirmed events.

Include Deal Phrase - enable to include the deal phrase.

ie. Flat Guarantee USD $5000 plus USD $250 Hotel Buyout

Include Artist Contact Info - if enabled it will display the artist's stage name, legal title, phone number, email, and artist notes.

Include Artist's Fee - if enabled, it will include the artist performance fee in multiple variations. You can choose from 3 different fee formats: Gross (Sum of Artist Fee and Booking Fee), Net (Sum of Artist Fee), or Net and Booking Fee (Artist Fee and Booking Fee individually).

Include Total Fee (on multi-artist bookings) - adds the Total Fee of the booking for multi-artist bookings

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