What's a Deal Card?
A branded, nicely formatted email socializing the basic deal terms between the talent agent and the talent buyer. It’s not quite as detailed as a contract, but it provides just the right amount of information to move forward with a deal.

How to send a Deal Card?
To send the Deal Card, first create a booking and add all the event terms and details. Then click "Create Deal Card. "

Click Create Deal Card and it will ask you to select the template you need. By default, it should appear "Deal Card," however, you can create multiple versions if needed. Then click "Create" 

You will see a Deal Card draft that you can click and edit in case you need to make final edits. Changes to this draft will not affect your stored templates.

You'll have the option to send the Deal Card to the buyer, artist, or other. When you are satisfied with your Deal Card, click Send

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