The Contract tab is the final workflow step before you send out any official documents. Think of it as your shopping cart summary to confirm your details before checkout.

How to Send A Contract

  1. Click the Contract tab

2. Confirm your agency information is on the right and the buyer is on the left
3. Selected your contract template from the drop down menu.
4. Click Create Drafts. Gigwell will then fetch your document template from Google Drive.
5. You can preview the draft to make sure all details are correct and even make any last minute changes if needed. The draft will save automatically.
6. Click Send Contract.

Can I send multiple documents at once?
Yes. To bundle multiple documents simply click the (+) button and select your preferred document. Click Generate Drafts. Once your drafts have loaded, click Send Contract.

Counter Signing
To counter sign a contract, turn on the Counter Sign button in the e-Sign tab and select the email address of the counter signer. The promoter will receive the document first, and after they sign, the counter signer will receive theirs.
Once both parties sign the document, both will receive an email with the signed document. 

Can buyers download a version of the contract to sign manually?
Yes they can. Once the promoter opens the contract email and clicks "Review & Sign" there will be an option to download the original document on the top left.

Can I download a signed copy of the contract?
Yes, after the contract has been signed by both parties, you can download a copy of it directly on the e-sign tab

How can I download the contract that has been sent out for signatures?
You can download a copy of the signature request before all parties involved have signed. There's no need to wait until all parties have signed.

1. Go to the "History" tab on the top right under.
2. Click the "Show Document" icon.

Note: A copy of the fully executed document is automatically distributed to all parties once everyone in the signature request has signed. This feature just lets you download a copy prior to that occurring, but keep in mind the document has not been fully executed.

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