Learn how to build and send an itinerary

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Send nicely formatted, easy-to-read, customized itineraries to your artists.

Building the Itinerary

  1. Click the blue (+) icon in the itinerary tab and choose your event type

  2. Fill out the details and click Save.

  3. Complete each field and click Save Itinerary

  4. Click Send Itinerary

  5. Select your itinerary template, recipient and click Preview

  6. Your preview will load, click Send

Flight Lookup
Simply click the plane icon and add date, airline and flight number and we will find the flight for you!

If you have multiple band members on the same flight, you can add the name of the passenger on the trip name field. 

Previewing the Itinerary
You can preview the itinerary document in case you need to make any last minute changes. Simply click 'Preview' and a pop up will open with the ability to edit the document. 

Sending the itinerary
Once you build the itinerary, click 'Send Itinerary' and will let you select the recipient. You can send to 'Artist' or 'Other'. You can also CC as many people as you need. Once you send out the document, the recipient will receive a PDF file.

After you send out the itinerary, mark it complete to move it out from the 'Advancing' tab on the progress bar. 

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