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General Notifications
General Notifications

Notifications can be enabled for multiple actions throughout the booking process, such as Contracts, Invoices, and more.

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Email Notifications

Today, we are introducing General Email Notifications - notifications that can be enabled for multiple actions throughout the booking process, such as Contracts, Invoices, Bookings Requests, and Itinerary/Advancing Requests.

What Do General Email Notifications Do?

General Email Notifications enable you to keep up to date with the progress of your agency. You will be able to get notified on the progress of Contracts, Invoices, Booking Requests, and Itinerary/Advancing Requests.

How Do I Enable General Email Notifications?

Enable General Email Notifications by navigating to the Settings page, and in the subsection 'Notifications', select the specific action for Booking Request, Contracts, Invoices, and Itinerary Request.

Who is eligible to receive notifications?

  • Agency: The email address specified in the agency settings basic information.

  • Agency Owner(s): Users within the agency with the role of "Owner."

  • Primary Agent: The responsible agent listed as the first or primary contact in the booking or artist settings.

  • Assigned Agent(s): All agents listed in the artist settings.

  • Assigned Assistant(s): All assistants listed in the artist settings.

  • Sender: The user responsible for triggering the workflow action.

  • Buyer: The buyer on the booking, usually for new Booking Requests.

Booking Request

When a new booking is generated using the embedded booking form, an email notification is received. The default recipients of this notification are the assigned agent(s) and the Buyer.


During the entire contracting process, email notifications will be sent.

When configuring the email notification for "A contract was sent to the signer," you have the option to designate the contract as either a composite or individual attachment.

Once the contract is fully executed, the signed PDF will be sent as an attachment to the Signer(s) and Counter Signer(s) assigned to the booking. Additionally, by default, it will be sent to the Assigned Agent(s), Sender, and Buyer.


This email notification is activated when an invoice is sent and/or a payment is made through the Gigwell FlexPay payment portal. However, it will not generate notifications for recorded payments or payments made outside of Gigwell.

As a default setting, the notification will be sent to the Assigned Agent(s), and you have the option to attach the invoice, receipt, or any payment-related attachments for easy access by agents and assistants. Furthermore, you can include a contact such as an accountant or bookkeeper to ensure they are informed about this payment.

Itinerary Request

This notification is triggered when a buyer modifies the itinerary request form, providing you with enhanced visibility regarding any changes made by the buyer to the itinerary. By default, the notification will be sent exclusively to the sender.

Customizing Canned Messages, Email Subjects, and Templates

You can add a personal touch to the email notifications by customizing your canned messages, email subjects, and templates. Now you can use the Notifications section of the Preferences tab to make these changes.

Step 1: Navigate to the Notifications Section

Once you’ve logged in, navigate to the Agency Settings > Documents and Templates > Preferences tab. Located in this section is the Notifications tab. This is where you can begin to customize your messages.

Step 2: Start Customizing

Begin customizing your canned messages, email subjects, and templates. You can add your own personal touch to the messages you send out.

Step 3: Save Your Changes

Once you have completed customizing all messages, save your changes. Any future emails you send out will now reflect your new message templates.

You are now ready to start sending out personalized emails to your buyers and agents.

We hope you find Email Notifications useful in helping you streamline and manage your agency. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

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