Buyer Expenses

Learn how to include buyer expenses and promoter profit to a backend deal.

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For backend deals, buyer expenses generally come off the top, and the artist receives a percentage after expenses, from dollar 1, or after a specific expense (i.e. Venue rental). The expenses in these types of deals typically are for marketing and advertising, security, door person (box office), and other expenses related to the production of the show.

When you add all the buyer expenses to the booking, you can exclude certain or all expenses from the split point calculation. The individual toggles on the main table will only show when the "Include all Buyer Expenses in Split Point" toggle is off.

Expense Types

We have added a list of the most common buyer expenses as default. However, you can customize the list as you wish. When creating custom buyer expenses (fixed and variable), you'll have an option of selecting the billing unit of Flat Amount, Amount Per Ticket Paid, Amount per Attendee, Percent GBOR, or Percent NBOR. A Flat Amount expense is the only type of expense attributed to the fixed expenses.

Buyer Commission (Promoter Profit)

Some backend deals might include a Promoter Profit. The Buyer Commission section will allow you to include the promoter profit percentage based on the Guarantee, Fixed, and/or Variable Expenses.

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