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Summary View: Permissions and Configuration
Summary View: Permissions and Configuration
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The Summary View is a comprehensive overview of the deal structure. It can be customized for each of your artists' access levels, displaying financials to owners, and simple logistics to members. You can also enable or disable the summary view for specific artist permission levels, if needed. You may link Document Packets (a set of templates and/or attachments) directly to each permission level, giving artists and agents on-demand access to Deal Cards and Itineraries.

Summary View Permissions

To assign a summary view to each artist role, go to the Agency Settings > Invoices, Offer and Payments > Summary View Permissions. You can select a default view from the drop-down and assign an Itinerary and Deal Card document packet that includes or excludes financial details.

Summary View Configuration

Each Summary View is configurable to ensure each role can only access information deemed appropriate for their permission level. To configure a Summary View, go to Agency Settings > Invoices, Offer and Payments > Summary View.

To customize the view, open the accordion to see the existing settings. You can add or remove sections, fields, and choose between 1 or 2 columns for each section. The section header, and field labels can all be customized.

Artist Owner/Manager

By default, this role includes the full booking details such as fees, event details, contracts, payments, etc. This view will display on-demand Deal Card and Itineraries, if they are linked in the Summary View Permissions. Document packets can include financial or non-financial information. Agency commission is not visible to any artist roles by default, but that can be added if necessary.

Artist Owner and Management Example View:

Artist Member

This role includes all non-financial Artist Owner fields and does not include an option for downloading contracts or payments. This role can download non-financial itineraries, deal cards, and attachments, however. Only the Production contact is included by default, but more booking contact types can be added through the Summary View builder.

Artist Member Example View:

Artist Associate

This role can only see the basic event information for the bookings they are directly assigned. This view can be configured to download non-financial itinerary and deal cards.

This role does not participate in booking-conversations.

Artist Affiliate

This role is similar to Artist Associate, displaying only basic event details.

By default, this role cannot download any documents, but that can be enabled.

Artist Associate and Affiliate Example View:

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