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Dashboard Basics
Dashboard Basics

Learn the basic on how to navigate and filter your dashboard view

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Navigation Bar
Switch between your Dashboard, Calendar, Roster, Contacts, Analytics, and Reports view.

Your Dashboard
Think of the Gigwell dashboard as your communication command center. This is where you manage your entire workflow from booking creation to payment.

On the right side of the dashboard is your Gig Calendar and Gig Queue. When a gig is either in discussion, confirmed or cancelled it’s automatically moved into your Gig Queue.

Below the dashboard icon is your Pipeline and Deal Workflow. Each deal has its own row with it’s status listed on the right. To expand or collapse your booking, click anywhere along the row.

The Pipeline doubles as an event filter. Simply track what gigs are new, in contracting stage or confirmed. To filter into one or multiple stages, click the blocks on the Pipeline. You should see the list automatically sort based on the blocks you selected. To reset your pipeline, click the blocks again.

Pipeline Description

- Bookings that have been requested through a booking form, which have not had a contract, or invoice created. 

Terms - Bookings that have been created on the dashboard by an Agent, which have not had a contract, or invoice created. 

Contracts - Bookings with a contract draft or a signature request outstanding.

Deposits - Bookings which have a Created or Billed Invoice marked as a Deposit.

Advancing - Bookings which have been marked "Itinerary is Required", but have not been marked "Itinerary is Complete".  Bookings with Ticket Scaling that have not been marked "Ticket Scaling Actuals are Final"

Payments - Bookings which have a Created or Billed Invoice not marked as a Deposit.

Scheduled - Bookings that are none of the above.  The dashboard will show 'Completed' for bookings where all events are in the past, and Scheduled otherwise.

Dashboard Filters
Sort your dashboard and make it easier to find your gigs. View your gigs by date range, past due, last updated, show / hide any archived bookings and more. You also have the search bar to find gigs by artist, promoter, agent, venue, or location. 

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