The terms tab is used to configure deal types, logistics, artist and buyer expenses, ticket scaling and payment preferences.

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We also support various deal-types outside of landed/ all-in deals.

  • Flat Guarantee

  • Versus

  • Plus Bonus/Percentage

  • Straight Percentage

  • Ticket Tier Bonuses

What is GBOR = Gross Box Office Receipts
What is NBOR = Net Box Office Receipts

Fill in your artist’s travel logistics and radius clause. This tab lets you add restrictions, flight information, hotel details and ground transportation.

Add ticket scaling to base your backend bonus structure once you add finals. See Planned versus Actuals and add any cumulative or independent ticket fees. It will also give you an overview of GBOR (Gross Box Office Receipts) and NBOR (Net Box Office Receipts).

Artist Expenses
You can create billable expenses such as hotel/flight buyouts and post-show expenses like taxi rides or other extras paid the day of the show. You can also create “Pre-Commission” expenses which will allow you to subtract artist expenses before calculating your commission on the total fee guarantee.

Buyer Expenses
For back-end deals, you can add itemized buyer/promoter expenses (planned vs. actuals) and ticket scaling to calculate your total deal potential and post-expense profits. Once you receive ticket finals, you'll be able to invoice for the exact back-end amount you're owed.

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