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Embed a Booking Form
Embed a Booking Form

Video and instructions on how to manage and embed a Booking Form on your website.

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 Embed a standalone booking form in your website for your agency or artist.

Your Booking Form Settings are located in the left hand column of your agency settings. 

Booking Form Builder

To edit your booking form, go to Embed > Booking Form > Settings

Fields: You can customize the form by adding, removing, or requiring fields.
Layout: Choose if every input should be on it's own line or if you want to show 2 inputs per row.
Labels: Where you can update all the labels and messages on the form.
Styles: Custom style the form to match the aesthetics of your website.
Privacy: Include Marketing Opt-In and Consent Message

You can select from more fields to add to your booking form, including:

  • Amount of Comp Tickets

  • Contact First Name/Last Name/Email/Phone

  • Hard Merch %

  • Merch Seller

  • Radius

  • Run of Show

  • Soft Merch %

In addition to all available fields, you can include custom fields, including 20 text fields, 10 Yes/No Question fields, and 10 checkboxes.

Example Customized Fields

Booking Form Configuration

To configure your booking form settings visit the Code section and select the preferred setting. (i.e. Whether you will require inline or pop-up window)

If you wish to embed a booking form tied to an artist, enter the artist name or select from the dropdown menu. If you do not select any artist, the form will include the entire agency. 

Booking Form Settings

On the booking form settings, you can hide the artist field automatically by enabling a toggle.

Email Confirmation

You can enable or disable the email confirmation for the agent or buyer. Agencies that use the form internally to create offers, disable these notifications.

Note: Some CMS / Website builders might not be supported.

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