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Create or connect an existing Google Calendar. Share dates, itineraries, contact and event details with your artists automatically.

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Agents can sync artists’ events in a shared Google Calendar that communicates itinerary details to artists and automatically watches out for potential scheduling conflicts. When turned on, Gigwell adds a new calendar into your Google account and invites your artists automatically to collaborate. Artists can enter black out dates, holds, studio time and more, to alert agents of their availability.

  • Gain visibility into your artist calendars

  • Never double book your artists again

  • Communicate itinerary details -- including venue addresses, contact info and notes -- to your artists while they travel

  • Receive real-time event and itinerary updates

Gigwell works with your Google Calendar in real time. Bookings made via Gigwell are automatically created in the shared Google Calendar and busy time from the artist calendar immediately blocks their availability in Gigwell.

When a booking is made, a Google Calendar event is automatically created on your artist’s calendar, including the event address, itinerary details and associated notes and/or contact info. To enable the Google Calendar integration, simply go to:

We let you connect existing Google Calendars to each artist. To connect a calendar go to: 

Account Settings > Calendar & Events > Calendars

If you don't have an existing shared calendar with your artist, you can choose to have us create one for you.

Once you create an artist Google Calendar in Gigwell, you will see "No Access to Calendar" and will receive an email from Google asking you to Opt-in to the calendar by clicking "Add this calendar."

By clicking the link, your Google Calendar will open to add the artist calendar. Please make sure you have the correct account open. The account must be the same account connected to the agency settings. 

Inviting Artists
To invite an artist to a shared calendar, go to Account Settings > Roster

Add a member to an artist organization and we will automatically send them a calendar and a Gigwell invite. When the artist clicks through the Gigwell invite, they will have the option of connecting a personal calendar as well, for the agent to see conflicting events. If the artist doesn’t have a Google account, it will ask them to create a new one or they can simply access Gigwell’s mobile web-app to see upcoming events and itineraries.

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