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Add or edit contact roles within the booking. Learn what each role means and what they are used for.

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The Change tab is a central tab where you can easily find and edit all contacts and roles within a booking. This tab allows you to add, change or edit any contacts within the booking.

We have three main roles associated with the talent buyer.

  • Buyer: A buyer is the power user. Usually, the person that requested the booking or in charge of the main communication between the agent and buyer company. They can sign contracts and also can pay invoices. If alternate Signers or Payers are not assigned, the Buyer is automatically assigned to those roles.

  • Signer: Is the person responsible for only signing the contract

  • Payer: This role corresponds to the person paying invoices

  • Agent: You can add or swap a responsible agent(s) on a booking.

  • Assistant: Include one or multiple assistants on a booking. The assistant role is non-commissioned. The booking fee can't be split with assistants.

  • Artist: You can add more artists to the booking or swap an existing artist.

  • Venue: Change a venue or edit venue details such as an address, phone numbers, and more.

Other Available Roles:

These roles don’t have access to Gigwell. However, they can be requested on the booking form and can be displayed on reports, summary view, and any type of documents (Contracts, itineraries, etc)

To add more roles to a booking, click "Add Contact" below the venue contact and select from the drop-down.

  • Advancing Contact

  • Facilities Contact

  • Liaison Contact

  • Logistics Contact

  • Marketing Contact

  • Production Contact

  • Promoter Contact

  • Ticket Counts Contact.

Add Contact:

These contacts are not directly associated with either the buyer or the artist and are not included in standard communication.

Contacts are assigned to this section when using the "Send to Other" flow for Deal Cards, Reports, and itineraries.

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