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Account Settings
Account Settings
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Download your Gigwell subscription invoicesThis article will show you how to access your subscription invoices through your account Settings
General NotificationsNotifications can be enabled for multiple actions throughout the booking process, such as Contracts, Invoices, and more.
Quota Exceeded ErrorThe QuotaExceededError means you are likely out of disk space.
Calendar & Events - AdvancingSet booking advancing requirements and defaults using the advancing settings.
How to Connect Google Calendar to iCalThis document will show you how to sync GCal to iCal
Google Calendar Event OptionsThis article will help you navigate the Calendar & Events - Event Publishing - Google Calendar Event Options menu.
Saved Messages, Email Subjects and Template PreferencesEdit canned messages, personalize your email subjects and update your document and template preferences.
Add your Agency Logo to your DocumentsThis article will help you add your agency logo to your document templates.
TemplatesAccess and customize your templates.
Preferred Payment Methods
Accessing your SettingsThis article will show you where to access your User or Agency settings.
Manage SubscriptionHow to add new users, update your billing information, payment methods, download your invoices or cancel your subscription
Access Agency SettingsLearn how to access the back-end settings of you agency account.
Data ImportImport historical bookings using our CSV template
Contact SettingsHow to link and upload a CSV file to your Google Contacts.
Reset Your PasswordHow to change your password.
Documents & Templates - ContractsVideo and information on how to upload your contract and document templates.
Account ConfigurationsMake edits to your account or changes to the entire agency.